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15 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe if You're Away Over the Holidays

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

1. Make sure alarm systems and motion sensors are in place and working properly. Connect these to your phone to monitor activity at all times of day.

2. Use automatic lights to scare potential robbers away.

3. Let a neighbor know you are leaving and the amount of time you will be gone.

4. Keep all trees and bushes trimmed. Overgrown shrubbery can be a good place for burglars to hide.

5. Unplug appliances to avoid fires and excess electric use.

6. Keep your thermostat as low as possible. This will save you money on electricity.

7. Close windows and blinds.

8. Double-check all doors and windows are locked.

9. Arrange for mail/newspapers to be temporarily stopped or have a neighbor pick these up for you. Piled up deliveries could signal a vacant home and make your house a target for intruders.

10. Make sure holiday decorations are running properly to avoid disasters while away. Check that all plug-in lights and decorations are in proper condition as not to start a fire, while you are away.

11. Consider placing a camera on your home and linking to your phone to keep an eye on activity.

12. Keep a car in the driveway to trick potential intruders into thinking someone is home.

13. Avoid broadcasting the vacation via social media. You don’t want the world to know your home is left unattended.

14. Leave a spare key with a neighbor.

15. Lock away valuables in a safe.

Source: Trusted Choice®

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